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Custom branded merchandise, or promotional products, are an essential part of any comprehensive marketing campaign and can range from under a dollar to expensive VIP gifts. Promotional products can be used to boost employee morale, increase brand awareness and show appreciation. Below are some proven ways to make your next event a greater success and help grow your business.

Sales Aids

Leave behinds are items that are often designed to be left with a client or a potential client at the end of a meeting. Popular promotional products include custom printed calendars, mouse pads and water bottles which are all items that can be displayed in an area that will get clients to think about you. More than likely, the client won’t make a decision during the meeting but will want to talk amongst themselves and take time to consider your proposal. This is where the piece pays off. A successful leave behind is typically fun, aligned with your product or service campaign and clearly branded with your logo to keep your contact info at their fingertips.
Pro Tip: The strength of the piece could determine whether they remember the right bits of information from your pitch, whether your brand stays top-of-mind, and ultimately, whether they choose to move forward with your company.

Sometimes in the sales process the customer just needs a tiny added incentive to get them to sign up or place their first order. A well timed branded item may do the trick. Here are some ideas that might be thought provoking:

  • Date specific: “If you place your first order in the month of October you’ll receive a free gift as a thank you.”
  • Add-Ons or Bundling: “When you purchase additional services or accessories with your order you’ll receive a free gift as a thank you.”

Pro Tip: To be successful, our recommendation is to use an item that your customer would see a perceived value. A $.30 plastic pen isn’t going to do the job but a tech item may. For example, branded smartphone accessories like custom printed earbuds or branded power banks are items everyone uses and will have a higher perceived value. An item anywhere between $5 – $10 properly used in your campaign could be the deal maker.

Customer loyalty programs are designed to incentivize repeat purchases by providing its members’ discounts, unique offers, VIP events, etc. A great example of this is Pelotons reward for reaching your 100th ride where the member receives a free “Peloton branded” t-shirt. Other great ways to use custom branded merchandise to create customer loyalty may include:

  • Placing your first order or reaching a certain number of orders.
  • Total dollars spent or points earned within a time period.
  • When bundling services or products.
  • When a customer refers a new customer.

Pro Tip: To be successful, you want them to feel that they are a part of an exclusive club where as the gift quality should match the customers loyalty and reinforce your appreciation. Vacuum insulated bottles, sling backpacks and or embroidered hats with your logo would all be great choices. Also remember that not all customers like the same things. So as an added bonus, give your customers the ability to choose which product they want.

Employee Programs

Employee recognition gifts are a great way to reward, thank, and motivate your employees. Here a few special occasions you shouldn’t miss:

  • Work anniversaries
  • Job promotions
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Employee of the Month awards 
  • Employee Appreciation Day events
  • Birthdays
  • Project completion

Pro Tip: Keep custom printed apparel, drinkware, tote bags and other employee gifts on hand to use as rewards throughout the year to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Is your workforce suffering from a lack of engagement? Perhaps your team members are experiencing burnout or maybe they appear less motivated than usual. If so, you probably see the effects in the form of greater turnover especially among your top performers and lower productivity across your organization. 
Most employees need a bit more than a virtual pat on the back from the boss to stay motivated. That’s why many employers implement employee incentive programs to keep their staff engaged and working hard. Here are some areas branded merchandise can help your team stay motivated:
  • Monthly reward for best trainee
  • Top sales producer
  • Top recruiter
  • Team of the month

Pro Tip: Try giving an award on a monthly basis that’s voted by the employees. In addition, try mentioning them in your monthly newsletter and social media platforms.

A new employee welcome kit is typically given to a new hires at the start of their employment. The welcome kit shows that the company is committed to employee engagement along with providing insight into the company culture and value they bring to your organization. Kits can include one or more of the following promotional items:

  • A unique promotional gift that shows your company thinks outside the box. 
  • Office essentials like customized pens, staplers, desk calendars, mouse pads, coffee mugs and notebooks are all great items to get your new hire off to a great start.
  • Custom printed apparel is a excellent way to make them feel right at home and apart of the team. Items include embroidered polos, t-shirts, dress shirts, hats and hoodies. 

Pro Tip: Consider adding new hire resources and documentation into your onboarding welcome kit, such as a welcome letter from the team, a supervisor, or president as well as an FAQ flyer regarding important office information your new hires need to know. 

Special Events

Using branded merchandise at a trade show is always smart. Normally these items are kept at the front of your display to help attract an audience or handed directly to individuals showing interest as they walk by. This gives your team an opportunity to engage potential customers when they take one.

Some of the most popular trade show items include customized pens, lanyards, keychains and buttons because they are cheap, easy to store and can be handed out to many people.

Below are a few ideas that may help your next trade show be more effective:

  • Stick to items that are relevant to your audience. For example, reusable water bottles for companies that have an eco-friendly focus.
  • Your booth location can play a role in choosing the perfect  product. For example, if your exhibit is near the front, consider using a large tote bag so they have something to place all the swag in. If your in the middle or back of the trade show, consider handing out a custom printed bottled water. They most likely will be thirsty by then.
  • Another approach is to have a custom printed prize wheel that gives them an opportunity to spin and win a branded item. This will also create an excitement and buzz around your exhibit.

Pro Tip: Make sure to engage with everyone that takes something. Use these moments to ask questions and hand out a company brochure. This is also a great opportunity to ask for their business card so you can enter them into a raffle.

Event kick-offs are a great way to supercharge a sales force, launch a new product and or service. In general terms, it’s the equivalent of a grand opening where all key players are brought together for a common purpose, share expectations and set the stage for what’s to come.
Branded merchandise can be very effective in team building and creates excitement. Here are a few ideas to make your next kick-off more exciting:
  • Build a team feel by handing out apparel item such as custom printed t-shirts, embroidered polos, backpacks, hoodies or hats.
  • A Moleskine journal,  leather portfolio or a high-end stainless steel water bottle can help motivate your coworkers and make them feel appreciated. Your employees will appreciate a quality gift because it says you put some thought in to it.
  • A quality custom printed water bottle or tumbler is a great choice because everybody uses them and will be appreciated.
  • Custom printed prize wheels are a perfect addition to any kick-off event by allowing your employees to spin for prizes. The prizes can range from  inexpensive customized coffee mugs, custom printed bluetooth speakers to higher end products like kitted gift sets that may include a printed water bottle, custom printed golf balls, custom printed candles or food gifts.

Pro Tip: While there are a lot of other things to consider for a successful kickoff, make sure you order the branded merchandise early enough to receive them prior to your kick-off date.

Safety Programs

Ensuring workplace safety should be a priority for every business. It requires promoting, reinforcing and rewarding safe work practices with unique safety incentives that continuously reinforce safe habits. Here are a few ideas to help drive the safety message:

  • Give on-the-spot safety awards to those employees following safety guidelines. Items can include phone chargers, lunch cooler bags, retractable badge reels, lapel pins and custom printed apparel items.
  • Develop a long term safety program using annual incentives. For example, use a lapel pin to encourage year around safety by giving them a 1 year or 2 year or 3 year pin that is earned when the employee maintains proper safety practices for that period.    

Pro Tip: Develop a safety incentive program using promotional products that are exclusive to the employee safety program. For example, when an employee demonstrates safe habits they would receive a promotional item that has your company logo on it, as well as, references your safety program in some manner. 

To learn more about how our branded merchandise can help your business, please contact us to speak to a branding expert.